Pricelist Xarah

Down below is the pricelist for Xarah. It is split in three sections dending on the role your organisation have in the system. Did you get the system from your supplier of AED or First Aid kits there is nothing you need to do. Just use the system and relax.

The roles below are generic and tailored to suite all. If you have other demands, please let us know.

A passive organisation has been created by a supplier. It is used by the organisation and the supplier to keep track of educated employees and that equipment is in working order. A passive organisation doesn't have to use Xarah at all but if needed accounts can be created by the supplier. A passive organisation is completely managed by suppliers and a passive organisation might have several suppliers.

A passive organisation cannot add employees or equipment by them self. If that is needed the organisation needs to be upgraded to an active organisation. An active organisation is an organisation that administers equipment and staff themselves.

A supplier uses Xarah to keep track of AED and other equipment as well as educations of their customers. By using Xarah this is all in one place and communication with the customers are also simplified.

Functions and their price.

Passive organisation Active organisation Supplier
Login users (managed by supplier) (unlimited) (unlimited)
E-mail reminders
QR-code reporting
Status reporting
Education reporting
Connect customers
Connect suppliers
Administer users
Administer AED
Administer First Aid Stations
IoT Open Ready
Revenue € 0 - 100k/year € 0/month € 59/month € 59/month
Revenue € 100k - 1M/year € 0/month € 79/month € 79/month
Revenue € 1M - 10M/year € 0/month € 99/month € 99/month
Revenue > € 10/year € 0/month € 129/month € 129/month
Addon IoT Open Connection* € 39/month + € 5/device € 39/month + € 5/device € 39/month + € 5/device
*) IoT Open costs might be added depending on subscription. We can help you getting started with IoT Open for a really quick start. Contact us and we tell you more.